Protecting Yourself from the Virus Creating Side Effects? Learn how to avoid this.

Updated: May 24, 2020

Sometime before the coronavirus Covid-19 pandemic spiked most persons interest in products from tissue to yeast, I profoundly cleaned my kitchen and wasted tons of plastic packs and holders while at it. Now looking back it makes me wonder, how could I make my cleaning schedules less inefficient. I came up with nothing, i was at a halt, so I started searching.

My research brought me to a question: What do I have in my house that is environmentally friendly? I know for myself that many products such as bleach and tide have caused itching and in some cases, dizziness, when I used them.

Did you know that there are environmentally friendly products that don't cause itching or toxins?

Let me introduce you to the Wellness Company. The best in the industry.

In an approach to health and the environment wellness they make products that are pharmaceutical, personal care, and household cleaning products. What a miracle in these times. It is so nice to be able to protect yourself and your family from diseases that are not only lingering in the air, but the main disease top of mind for most, COVID 19.

Their products are fully scientific, backed and proven to fight against diseases such as COVID 19 and are great for your overall health. Sounds great to me.

Do you want to protect your family against COVID 19?

From a customer of the Wellness Company these products are amazing and were highly recommended.

The top 4 include:

  1. 1. SOL U GUARD

  2. 2. Tub & Tile

  3. 3. Lemon Bright Ultra Consecrated Hand Dishwashing liquid

  4. 4. Gold Bath Bars

SOL U GUARD protects you and your loved one against COVID 19.

SOL U GUARD has a great herbal scent. It is 99.9% effective against flu and viruses including E Coli, and Ebola.

Tub & Tile will scrub the hardest soap and grime deposits on your bathroom easily as a squirt and presto it is a brand new bathroom. This is the safest product to use in your bathroom.

Lemon Bright replaces Dawn, Gain, and Palmolive A biodegradable cleaner that cuts grease and breaks down food for effortless washing and rinsing.

Gold Bath Bars are soft, relaxing, and make you feel oh so bubbly on the inside as you take a shower or bath. These bars are one of a kind, it moisturizes your skin. What regular bar soap does exactly that? Making you feel young and vibrant.

Try these amazing products and tell how you feel!

Thinking of becoming a vegan? Need help?

Tell us in the comment section or send us an email at

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Written by:

Steven Santora

Certified Wellness Coach

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