How to Become Certain In Uncertain Times

I wasn't anticipating composing anything about the coronavirus. Actually, I am thinking that it's difficult to concentrate on anything right then and there.

The vulnerability has me agitated.

The present is continually eclipsed by considerations of things to come. Consider the possibility that my companions or family get the infection.

Feeling overpowered, I went to my diary and thought about the past snapshots of vulnerability.

I began making a rundown of things to recollect, things that could ground me, bring a point of view, and return me to the present.

I needed to send these to you in an email in the event that there is something in here that impacts you — yet additionally in light of the fact that I'd love to hear how you are adapting.

Here are a couple of things from the rundown:

Reflection. This can be one of the most difficult tasks for us as we live. I ask God to help me reflect on every moment that He gives to me to ponder not the past, but on the present moment moving forward. Pray is a part of how I reflect, recollect, and reassure myself in who God has called me to be.

Practice appreciation. This may sound illogical when it appears as though there's something else entirely to be terrified, irate, or restless about. However, I return to these words from David Steindl-Rast: "I didn't state we can be thankful for everything. I said we can be appreciative of each given second… " It isn't that we should be thankful for the infection or the school closings or the deferred itinerary items. Yet, each and every second has something that we can express gratefulness for, on the off chance that we free ourselves ready. Our breath — which advises us that we have the chance to be here and be available — is an ideal model.

Journaling. Simply recording things does marvel to assist me with figuring out and get to the base of how I am really feeling. This email is an ideal model. It began with a tirade responding to the apparently straightforward inquiry I am incited with each time I open my journaling application: "Hello Steven, how are you feeling today?" Getting these contemplations off of my mind and onto the page is a method of recognizing the musings that are hustling around my head. Also, as I recognize the contemplations, I notice that they start to calm.

Bolster one another. On troublesome occasions, it's anything but difficult to think we are separated from everyone else, particularly with the at present endorsed "social removal". Connect with those you care about — however rather than simply exchanging fears and nerves, take a stab at carrying a positive component to the discussion. Tell your friends and family you are contemplating them and reveal to them something you acknowledge about them. Spreading the adoration is an incredible method to feel affection. Bolster others and you will feel upheld.

I'd love to hear, how would you stay #grounded in the midst of #vulnerability?

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Written by:

Steven Santora

Certified Wellness Coach

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