Dr. Wanda Thomas mission is to empower others to live richer lives through her podcasting, speaking, teaching, and advocacy work. She has a passion for breaking cycles of dysfunction in families and individuals by helping them shed the burden of childhood trauma and hatred.  The healing process begins with the transforming of the mind and discovering the authentic self of each individual.  Her drive is in helping others create the life they deserve filled with light, love and happiness.

Dr. Thomas empowers you in understanding self mastery and abundance through growth and well-being.  The tool she uses is about making you visible in your life, on the job, and in your relationships. She keeps you moving forward while assisting you to push past setbacks and fear as you're becoming the best version of yourself, your true authentic self. 


Every connection starts with family and building community through empowering meaningful connections.  Building trust is essential in every life, but sometimes difficult, due to trauma.

Dr. Thomas teaches you how to connect the heart and the emotion to create a safety net for yourself and others built on true strength, acceptance and love.

She helps you find your happiness by demonstrating workable solutions that give you the ability to lose the shackles and exercise the courage to self mastery through the Love of God, Loving your neighbor, and loving yourself.

Dr. Thomas has positioned herself as a license, wedding officiate, Certified chaplain, ordain minister, and counselor so  she could help others discover that the foundations we build will determine our legacy.

Her education spans from Bachelors in psychology, Masters in Pastoral Counseling and Divinity, and a Doctorate in theology. She holds certifications in Christian Counseling, Mental Health,  Adolescence  behavior and Family Counseling. 

For more information, please call 732-900-7066 or email her at wandaroadtosuccess1@yahoo.com.  You can also go to her websites at www.wandaroadtosuccess.com.


Dr. Thomas can do virtual weddings for New York City.  Here is additional information how to apply for Marriage License.

Dr. Thomas can be heard on Great Wisdom Unlimited Podcast at WNJR-Radio.com, which was launched in 2017. 

Come, let us reason together!  We will see you there.


Our mission is not just empowering and educating our clients, but also developing financial opportunities for them as well.