Hi, I'm Coach Racquel! I am a Success coach and Serial Entrepreneur. I love to help people identify breakdowns, break down barriers and experience their breakthroughs.


As a child, Coach Racquel endured the countless challenges of poverty first-hand, which ultimately shaped her into the compassionate, courageous individual she is today. Later on in life as an entrepreneur, she has experienced setbacks, hard times and disheartening experiences, including being pushed out of two of her business which she created from conception to profitability. She has endured tremendous loss and public failure, bouts of depression and extreme poverty.  And in overcoming such hardships, she has become adept at helping others avoid these and other pitfalls of career and life and step into their best versions possible.

A proven strategist, Racquel is currently a beneficiary of the eCornell, Bank of America Women’s Entrepreneurship at Cornell University, a graduate of Career Coaching Institute; the world’s first and leading Career Coach training company, dubbed the Harvard of career coach training institutions. Here she earned her Certified Career Coach Certification. She earned her B.A. degree in Mass Communication from Northern Caribbean University. She also obtained multiple certifications, including Career and Life Coaching, Public Relations, Advertising, Marketing, Innovative Thinking and Writing IACET Certificates.


Above all, with over 15 years of leadership experience, she is a true advocate of positive change in the 21st century -- helping individuals and companies achieve their goals.

I would love to be your Executive Coach.

Your greatness is in your brokenness. Only in pursuit of purpose will the pain of your past heal.